This is who we are:

Beautiful I Am Foundation Inc. (BIA) is a 501c (3) organization that sees young ladies healed from past and present circumstances.  Allowing them to see that their present state will not dictate their future.  We desire to see young ladies overcome their insecurities, while teaching them to love themselves in a healthy manner.  Ensure they have healthy relationships with their parents/guardians, peers and those in authority.  Seeing them develop into the women God created them to be; a beautiful light in their community.  


Our goals are to share with young ladies their purpose, their value, their worth, not based on this kingdom's (earthly) principles, but based on the Kingdom of God (who does God say that I am!).  Imparting knowledge and understanding in order to gain wisdom on how and why they are fearfully and wonderfully made. Educating young ladies to walk in their majesty and purpose.  It is also our desire to give educational scholarships to young ladies with an interest to pursue higher education.  Your contribution(s) can help make this happen for some young lady.  #beautifuliam #befearless #wonderfullymade #groundedngreatness #alleyesonwe

Beautiful I Am Foundation is a 501c (3) organization and all donations are tax deductible.  Please save email receipts as proof of your contribution.  End year contribution letters will be sent no later than January 7th the following year of contribution(s).  Thank you in advance for your kind support.